Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sims 3 Pets: How To Get A Unicorn

Warning: This post contains gameplay spoilers, as it is a tutorial about finding and catching a unicorn!
Note: If you want to cheat and use a mod to catch a unicorn quickly scroll down to where it says "But wait!" There is no official cheat that will get you a unicorn. You must use one of these two methods. Take your pick.

If you've searched all over for a unicorn and you just can't find one, this is your lucky day! There's an easy trick to finding them. Read through this entire post before trying it or you may find yourself frustrated.

Finding a unicorn:
1. Wait until it's night time. Check the Appaloosa County Water Treatment lot if you're playing the Appaloosa Plains neighborhood. Unicorns and wild horses seem to like that area, and it could save you a lot of time. If the unicorn isn't there, try the following. You must be zoomed in on a Sim or the ground to do this as it won't work in Map View. You may want your Sim to be on a mountainside or high up area so you can see better. This won't work well if your Sim is inside a building unless you have the walls fully down.
2. Click the down arrow "Tilt" button so your Sim has a nice far away view.
3. Now click either "Rotate" arrow button and scan the sky around your Sim's town. Unicorns have an Aurora Borealis effect that beams into the sky above them! You will not, however, see it in Map View. If you don't see it yet keep checking now and then until you find it.
4. Once you find the unicorn's general location, go to Map View and zoom in around that area until you find the unicorn. Remember, there are black unicorns too and they are harder to spot at night.

You may find the unicorn is prancing about with wild horses as well.

Getting a unicorn to move into your household:
1. Your Sim must become BFF with a dog, horse, and cat first. Yep, all of them. The unicorn wants to know that your Sim loves animals before moving in!
2. Befriend the unicorn. There is only ever one wild unicorn at a time, so just find it and socialize away.
Note: Unicorns can teleport, making it hard to catch them. If you're desperate, you can cheat to catch it:
-While playing, pause the game and open the cheat console (press Ctrl + Alt + C keys on your keyboard) and type in: TestingCheatsEnabled On Then press the Enter key on your keyboard.
-Figure out where your unicorn is, go to Map View, and then zoom in on the unicorn.
-Now hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, click the ground next to the unicorn, and select the Teleport Me Here option from the pop up menu. Your Sim will teleport next to the unicorn!
If you don't want to have to befriend the unicorn to add it to your household you can use this cheat:
-Make sure TestingCheatsEnabled is On.
-Have your Sim talk to the unicorn once, then look for its picture in your Sim's Relationships tab. Click inside the little clear bar under the unicorn's picture and drag to the right until the bar is fully green on the right side. This will make your Sim best friends with the unicorn!
-Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, then click on the unicorn. Select the Add to Active Family option in the pop up menu.

You now have a unicorn! Wasn't that so much harder than I originally said? Well, this is how it's done when you want a magical unicorn. Just wait until it sets your Sim's lot on fire.

Good luck and have fun!
But wait!
There is an even simpler way to get the unicorn if you know how to use The Sims 3 mods. If you don't know how, I highly suggest learning (Mod The Sims has an excellent guide to modding) since they add a lot more interesting variations to game play.

If you have Twallan's Master Controller Mod (Just Google it if you don't), it's super easy to cheat and grab your local unicorn and add it right to your lot. This literally takes less than 2 minutes to do. Just do this:

  1. Click on your Sim household's current lot.
  2. Choose NRass, then Master Controller, in the popup menu.
  3. Choose Add Sim.
  4. Scroll down the list and choose Species, then click Accept.
  5. Now choose Horse and wait for all of the thumbnail pictures to load.
  6. Look carefully through the thumbnail pictures until you see the horse with the unicorn horn, then select that horse and click Accept.
  7. You should now have a shiny new unicorn added to your household! 


  1. I also got some helpful info you can get a sleeping bag put it in your inventory 2. get a picnic basket put that in your inventory and grab books and a guitar and put all that in your inventory then got to the Appaloosa County Water Treatment and put down your sleeping bag at the top tower and put the picnic basket there and place your guitar and stay there a couple of nights and in the morning at 6:00 am you can go to the gym to use the toilets and showers and go back and if you are a teen teens have a curfew so thats why you stay at that tower at night go to sleep so you have a better chance of seeing a unicorn hope this info helped.:).

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    This helped me out alot! Thanks for the help!

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    I couldn't get it done.

  4. THANK YOU!!!!! it helped a lot!