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Appaloosa Plains (The Sims 3: Pets) List of Houses

Appaloosa Plains

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Empty Houses

Park Palace – 5br, 2ba
Address: 305 Sweetapple Ridge Way
Lot size: 40x50
Lot description: A very spacious five bedroom home complete with fireplace in the living room, a den, dining room with access to a large deck, and separate en suite bedroom upstairs for the master of the house. Great for a large family or even someone with lots of pets. The property also features a large backyard bordering into the hills.

Trotter Cottage – 3br, 3ba
Address: 19442 Bob-o-Link Drive
Lot size: 40x30
Lot description: This generously sized house for a growing family includes a large deck, pool, and solarium – all the while presenting a modest face to the street.

Pacer Place – 1br, 1ba
Address: 19440 Bob-o-Link Drive
Lot size: 30x30
Lot description: A modest house in a forgotten corner of a nice neighborhood could be a diamond in the rough for the right investor. Why not take a chance on this one?

Private Property – 1br, 1ba
Address: 71 Rachelle Lane
Lot size: 30x20
Lot description: A quiet sedate house in a newer subdivision keeps its focus inward. You probably won't even have to meet your neighbors if you live in this starter home.

Turnkey Trot – 1br, 1ba
Address: 69 Rachelle Lane
Lot size: 30x20
Lot description: Cozy and compact is the perfect way to describe this newer home that is ready to go. A garage, paired with large decks and large windows, means this house is just waiting for the right occupant and their pets, be they beast or fowl.

Hydrangea House – 1br, 1ba
Address: 1810 Ednamary Way
Lot size: 30x40
Lot description: Modestly priced but full of charm, this small Victorian house is just waiting to be shown some love. It's a simple starter home, but close to town and full of untapped potential.

The Lexington – 4br, 2ba
Address: 1006 Pomona Promenade
Lot size: 50x50
Lot description: This deluxe home is great for any large family of Sims – or pets! The outdoorsy type will love the homey barn for horses and the large back deck for hosting parties. Notable features include an elegant full size dining room complete with marble tiled fireplace, not to mention the built in library. A kitchen with island counters makes the perfect space for serving a quick cozy meal.

The Madison – 1br, 1ba
Address: 1004 Pomona Promenade
Lot size: 50x50
Lot description: This fine starter home has a spacious living room, adjoining work area suitable for a desk, and full size bedroom. It is surrounded by beautiful Hydrangea bushes that add a lush feel to the location. Its close vicinity to the equestrian center is an added perk for any aspiring rider.

Six Gable Stables – 2br, 2.5ba
Address: 1012 Pomona Promenade
Lot size: 50x50
Lot description: Thoroughly for thoroughbreds, this well-appointed farm house might be the best place to breedhorses in the local township. It features a large stable and hay loft, plus a comfortable and elegant house with a solarium and wraparound porch.

Sunflower Shack – 1br, 1ba
Address: 1936 Beach Boulevard
Lot size: 30x40
Lot description: Simple and mostly sturdy, this home is the ideal first house for those who are a little bit country. No doubt the pleasant occasional drum of rain on the roof will make up for the minor flooding due to the lack of a foundation.

Occupied Houses

Metropole Manor – 3br, 1ba
Address: 309 Sweetapple Ridge Way
Lot size: 40x50
Occupied by: Pinkerton
Lot description: This large dwelling has a loft living room/bedroom, two patio areas for barbeque parties, and a large lap pool for those looking to st ay fit. Main areas are all hardwood floors and furnishings have a modern flair. Owners can even enjoy sitting by the fire outside in the evenings.

Cliffside Haven – 1br, 1.5ba
Address: 303 Sweetapple Ridge Way
Lot size: 40x50
Occupied by: Pelly
Lot description: Built from locally sourced materials to reflect a contemporary aesthetic, this sturdy house invites comments at the same time as its monolithic facade discourages uninvited guests. Heavy fieldstone walls keep the world, and any snooping paparazzi, at bay.

The Render Farm – 2br, 2.5ba
Address: 301 Sweetapple Ridge Way
Lot size: 40x50
Occupied by: “Millions in Singles”-ton
Lot description: Rustic country living, but with all the modern conveniences can be found in this well appointed ranch. A three car (or truck) garage, custom built pool, horse barn, and a basement media room are among the features of this gentleman's country estate.

Place Royale – 4br, 2ba
Address: 19441 Bob-o-Link Drive
Lot size: 40x40
Occupied by: Parrott
Lot description: For the decadent gardener, this home has a large atrium within the house and a roomy greenhouse in the back yard. Hardwood floors throughout and a Ranch Style kitchen add to its unique flair. The interior is spacious enough to include two living room areas, one casual and the other for formal occasions.

Clydesdale Ranch – 4br, 3ba
Address: 19445 Bob-o-Link Drive
Lot size: 40x30
Occupied by: Unfettered with Feathers
Lot description: An open floor plan and a generous number of bedrooms make this newer ranch home a good choice for a larger family, or potentially a group of friends. Entertaining in this house is made easier with its large deck and light filled sunroom.

Pinto Palazzo – 1br, 1ba
Address: 19444 Bob-o-Link Drive
Lot size: 30x40
Occupied by: Schmidt
Lot description: More spacious than expected for a one bedroom home, this house is caught mid-renovation. Although currently boasting an updated kitchen and a large new deck, the bathroom is charitably described as “charmingly original” and the landscape remains “full of potential”.

Curley Copse – 1br, 1ba
Address: 206 West Appaloosa Avenue
Lot size: 20x38
Occupied by: Curley
Lot description: Homesteaded many years ago by the ancestor of the current residents, this was once the finest house in town. Of course it was also the only house in town. Downsides include a somewhat distressed building, and the land it sits on is significantly diminished in acreage from its original size. However, if you can resist political pressure to rezone for commercial construction, and you don't mind the bustling downtown noise, you'll have quite the hot property for quick access to everythign the town has to offer.

Mesa View Farm – 3br, 3ba
Address: 1813 Ednamary Way
Lot size: 50x40
Occupied by: Marshall
Lot description: An old fashioned farmhouse lovingly restored is the perfect place for a young couple hoping to build the foundations of a large family. In the meantime, the sizable barn and substantial yard can support a veritable menagerie of pets.

The Painted Lady – 1br, 1.5ba
Address: 1812 Ednamary Way
Lot size: 40x50
Occupied by: Darnell
Lot description: An ornate Victorian house on the edge of town exudes feminine charm. Strangely it is often the local male residents that find this home irresistible.

Twitterhaven – 2br, 1ba
Address: 202 Horseshoe Loop
Lot size: 40x50
Occupied by: Bird Sisters
Lot description: Named for the constant chirping heard from its feathered residents, this flea market decorated home exudes charm. Will it allow its residents to spread their wings or keep them in a gilded cage?

Playa Vista – 2br, 1ba
Address: 73 Rachelle Lane
Lot size: 30x30
Occupied by: Sports, Spice, and Everything Nice
Lot description: This beautiful modern home with an amazing view features a gourmet kitchen and a workout room adjacent to the bedroom. One supposes this room might just make a good nursery instead, should you be so inclined.

Pergola Place – 1br, 1ba
Address: 72 Rachelle Lane
Lot size: 30x20
Occupied by: Chandra
Lot description: Large rooms make this house exceptionally spacious for a one bedroom home, and the bathroom is equally roomy. Someone would have to accumulate quite a lot to make this place look cluttered – hoarders forewarned.

Cave Canem – 1br, 1.5ba
Address: 68 Rachelle Lane
Lot size: 20x30
Occupied by: Blackburn
Lot description: An open floor plan and a large fenced in yard make this house a veritable pooch palace. No misbehaving will be tolerated though so one wonders – should you beware of the dog, or should the dog beware of the owner?

Brookside – 1br, 1ba
Address: 6 Floodplain Lane
Lot size: 30x30
Occupied by: Lionheart
Lot description: Set somewhat apart from its neighbors, this once elegant Victorian graces the river's edge with a haunting reminder of days gone by. If you plan to restore this home, beware of feline vengeance – a musk!

Park Vista – 2br, 1ba
Address: 190 Horseshoe Loop
Lot size: 50x50
Occupied by: Martingale
Lot description: This modern two bedroom includes a barn for potential horse owners, a beautiful stone fireplace, Mission style kitchen cabinetry, and a spacious dining room. It's the perfect house for any new home owner. Glass facades enhance the feeling of an open floor plan. A lap pool with spacious stone deck make evening barbeque parties a great event.

The Rancheroo – 2br, 2ba
Address: 192 Horseshoe Loop
Lot size: 50x50
Occupied by: Country Cowpokes
Lot description: This house features a horse arena and accompanying barn for the prosperous horse owner. It has a spacious living room and two separate bedrooms each with en suite bathrooms. Perfect for two roommates or a couple with children. One bedroom even has a built in fireplace to stoke the romance in your life.

Paddington House – 3br, 2ba
Address: 27 Gentrify Manor
Lot size: 50x50
Occupied by: Bedlington
Lot description: Constructed of high grade wood and local stonework, this three bedroom house includes a spacious den overlooking the meticulously landscaped front yard. Perfect for any family, the dining room will accommodate large dinner parties with ease – and flair. A separate car port issure to keep your vehicle secure.

Little River House – 2br, 1ba
Address: 37 Eucalyptus Drive
Lot size: 50x50
Occupied by: Fox
Lot description: Dwarfed by the grandeur of the landscape around it, this modest but proud ranch sits quietly on the powerful river's edge. Living here and working the land might be difficult for some, but with dedication comes reward.

Super Suburban - 2br, 1ba
Address: 1011 Pomona Promenade
Lot size: 40x40
Occupied by: Miller
Lot description: When you really want to leave the city behind, this suburban style house will make you think there must be shopping malls and fast food chains nearby... it's just a bit too out in the country for that though.

Wellspring - 3br, 2ba
Address: 1935 Beach Boulevard
Lot size: 40x30
Occupied by: Riffin
Lot description: A charming house in an idyllic setting, features its own spring fed pond and a relaxing shady porch, yet still an air of gloom seems to persist.

Still Water Run – 1br, 2ba
Address: 1938 Beach Boulevard
Lot size: 30x40
Occupied by: Loveland
Lot description: Elegant gardens and shabby chic d├ęcor through most of this house make it a gem of a find. However, things are rarely as innocent as they appear.



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